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Gastronomic routes

Explore our gastronomy where you can not only taste succulent local dishes, but you can also take a piece of Andalusia to your home.

Beyond an unforgettable experience because of the variety and quality of our gastronomic offer, we offer you the possibility of knowing the ins and outs of a winery, the olive oil production process or a farm that cultivates tropical fruits, typical of the area such as The mango and avocado.
a group of people toasting with wine glasses


Sun and wine, what a combination!
The village of Torrox has a historic centre full of flowers and Moorish architecture. This is precisely the reason why this village, known to have the Best Climate in Europe, will be our first stop. A guided tour on its historic streets. Afterwards you will visit the beautiful Cómpeta, known in all the region to produce the best wines, so visiting a wine cellar with a wine-tasting is a must. In fact, one of those muscatel wines that you will taste in this wine cellar was served on the wedding of King Felipe IV and Queen Letizia. The last stop will be Sayalonga, where you will enjoy an Andalusian lunch made with local products and a glass of wine. To finish this lovely tour, you will walk through the village before going back to your accommodation.

For small groups of 2-8 people
Lunch included (let us know if you have any special needs)
Available from October 15 to August 15
Tour duration: from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
a bottle of olive oil is being poured into a glass bowl


Become an expert in olive oil with this tour. Spain is the biggest oil producer worldwide and Andalusia is the region known to have the biggest number of olive trees, so if you like olive oil and want to know a bit more about it, you came to the right place. Start by visiting a centenarian olive plantation, where we will teach you about how to harvest the olives and the traditional tools used in this procedure, a unique experience! A drive to an Andalusian cortijo (country house) which has its own oil mill, where you will learn about the process of oil production. This house also has an old stone olive mill from XVIII century and you will learn how olive oil was made in the past. Lastly you will enjoy an olive oil tasting to whet everyone’s appetite before lunch. After this visit we will go deeper into Montes de Málaga and we will have lunch in the oldest inn in Andalusia. This place is called el Museo del Bandolero (a bandit museum) and it is a special place with lots of history. After lunch we will visit the villages of Alfarnate and Alfarnatejo, located in what is called los Pirineos de la Axarquía (the Pyrinees of the Axarquia).

For small groups of 2-8 people
Lunch included (let us know if you have any special needs)
Available from October 1 to May 31
Tour duration: from 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.
a bunch of green avocados hanging from a tree


Such an unforgettable day, where not only you will get amazed by the taste of these delicious fruits but also will visit the capital of la Axarquía, all its monuments and its interesting and millennial history. We will pick you up and will take you to a huge avocados and mangoes plantation with a lovely Mediterranean see view. After the visit we will drive you to Vélez-Málaga, capital of la Axarquía and the tropical fruits, where you can explore an agricultural cooperative and discover why la Axarquía is leader in production and commercialisation of tropical fruits in Europe. Lastly and to top up our energy levels we will go to a restaurant to taste a delicious menu on which some of these tropical fruits will be included.

For small groups of 2-8 people
Lunch included (let us know if you have any special needs)
Available from September 1 to February 28
Tour duration: from 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
a pile of raisins on a white surface


Are you into raisins?
If so you cannot leave la Axarquia without tasting the best raisins in the world. Raisins from muscatel grapes in la Axarquía are characterised by its great size and its intense sweetness. It is an exquisit, healthy nourish listed as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systemby FAO. Our first stop will be an Andalusian cortijo (country house) with breath-taking views and a traditional raisin production system, where you will see for yourself how are they made and will meet a local family that does the production of raisins for a living. Almáchar is the capital of the muscatel grape and an important stop. You will visit their beautiful streets and of course the Museo de la Pasa, (Museum of the Raisin), where you will learn a bit more about this product and will see old tools that were used to pick them. Afterwards, El Borge, in the very heart of the raisin route where you can take a walking tour on their beautiful streets. Lastly the small and humble village of Moclinejo, surrounded by mountains where you will enjoy a delicious meal and taste the local gastronomy.

For small groups of 2-8 people
Lunch Included (let us know if you have any special needs)
Available from August 15 to October 15
Tour duration: from 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
a bottle of wine is being poured into a glass


The province of Malaga is an essential destination for lovers of wine culture. From the Serranía de Ronda to the Axarquía, through the Montes de Málaga, the North Region and the Costa del Sol Occidental, you will find wineries in which excellent wines are made.

One of the most peculiar areas is the Axarquía region, where wines are made under the designations of origin Málaga and Sierras de Málaga. Most of the wineries in this area organize tastings and guided tours through which it is possible to know the singularities of the wines of Malaga and how they are made.

The Axarquia vineyards are characterized by their steep terrain and steep slopes. They cultivate the Moscatel and Romé varieties, native to the area. One of the peculiarities is its harvest, one of the earliest in Europe. Many of them, in addition, have maintained the craft production processes, with manual collections. From the harvested grapes mostly white and sweet wines come out, although red wines are also made.

If you would like to visit a wine cellar in Axarquía, contact us to organise it for you.

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