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Safety & Hygiene Plan Important Information

  We at Hotel VILLA FLAMENCA have established and implemented a complete action plan to offer our guests the best possible guarantees of safety and hygiene during their stay.

Our protocol has been established for the common good of everyone.

We are aware that these measures may cause you some inconvenience, but we thank you in advance for your full collaboration to ensure that all these measures are carried out, which are undoubtedly essential.
a pair of blue gloves next to a blue mask

Safety & Hygiene

Our employees will receive training through “Hostelería de España” & CEHAT (Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Apartments), to ensure and guarantee the knowledge and implementation of all the processes and measures adopted.

Safe Accommodation: Integral System for the preparation of Bars and Restaurants
a person wearing blue gloves is cleaning a counter with a cloth and spray bottle

Measures adopted

• A general disinfection of all the facilities before the re-opening of the Hotel as well as all the pertinent revisions established by the Ministry of Health.

• Control and improvement of the safety distance. Hotel staff must maintain social distance from guests and co-workers, avoiding any physical contact.
• New points will be added with hydroalcoholic gel which are available and obligatory to all guests at the entrance to all common areas such as bars, restaurants, fitness centre, sauna-hammam…
• The use of masks and gloves (depending on the job) is mandatory and prevention elements will be available in work areas with greater exposure to the public, such as Reception and Food and Beverage area.
a woman wearing a face mask is making a stop sign


• We established a maximum capacity and the necessary measures to ensure social distancing.
• Mandatory use of masks by staff as well as protective screens.
• Hydroalcoholic gel at your disposal.
• A disinfecting carpet for feet and luggage wheels at the entrance of the establishment.
• The cleaning of this area will be permanently reinforced.
a bottle of hand sanitizer sits on a table next to masks

Rooms and Cleaning

  • All non-essential items such as blankets.
  • A welcome kit with hydroalcoholic gel per person.
  • Protocol estrablished to separate clean clothes and utensils from dirty ones to avoid any cross contamination.
  • Mandatory use of masks and gloves by staff.
  • Disinfection by spraying that complies with European regulations in all departure rooms, leaving even 24-hour rooms free of customers for even more security. In addition, the TV remote control, the hair dryer and its filter, the minibar and the wardrobe hangers will be sanitized.
  • Daily cleaning reinforced of the most susceptible room elements (door knobs, bedside tables, telephones, chairs…).
a person is putting on a pair of white latex gloves

Bars and Restaurants

  • Hydroalcoholic gel must be used by all guests at the entrance of the bars and restaurants
  • Mandatory use of masks and gloves by room and kitchen staff.
  • A reduction of capacity is established in order to maintain social distance and shifts might be created for the breakfast service.
  • Single use tablecloths and napkins will be used and disinfection of tables and chairs after will be enforced.
  • We understand that our breakfast buffet and show cooking area is very important to our guests, so to guarantee the safety of our products, it will be served by the hotel staff, always trying to keep the variety and quality.
  • Implementation of a QR system for your comfort and safety so that you can download on your mobile the menus of our bars & restaurants. 
a woman in a hat sits on the edge of a swimming pool

Pool area and Maintenance

  • A limited capacity in the pool area to guarantee social distance. 
  • Reservation of sunbeds will be allowed as long as capacity allows it. All sunbeds will be disinfected after use and the pool area will be cleaned twice a day.
  • The maintenance team will attend all requests, only when there are no guests inside the room except in justified cases. 
  • Cleaning, disinfection and air conditioning equipment will be reviewed to ensure that protocols are followed.
a woman is using a tablet and a cell phone

Reservations during Hotel closure due to the Spahish State of Alarm

If your reservation has been affected by the closure of the Hotel due to the the "Spanish State of Alarm", we can offer you a voucher so you can enjoy the holidays at another time with validy until 31st December 2021.

Please contact us by email at info@hotelvillaflamenca.com or redeem your voucher directly through our website www.hotelvillaflamenca.com

* Please note that the information is subject to change over time and subject to the decisions of the government and health authorities.

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